Posted by: optionshiftk | March 12, 2008

My Apple 360

Yes, I own a xbox 360 and wii. They are both great. One thing I found amazing was this; The actaul design of the wii was extremely thought out. I mean, the Wii revolutionized( codename: revolution) the gaming market. The aesthetics of the wii are impeccable. The machine is so well tailerd even down to the most minute details. In befy comparison, the innovative xbox 360 brings tremendous power to the market, but lacks the compact, sleek design that the Wii has acomplished. More and more, I am begining to play wii.( especially since the release of S.S.B.B.) Nintendo fanboys seem to be different then xbox or PS3 fanboys. The nintendo gamer gets fairly good grades and truly loves gaming. They also tend to be more social. The xbox and PS3 gamers are usully delinquents that do very poorly in school and listen to heavy metal music.( sorry, generalazation do not mean to stereotype) The bottom line is nintendo gamers play games because they love having fun. They do love them so much that they would quit their jobs and due to low incaome eventaully move in with their parents’s basement! What do you think of the types of people who play different systems? Am I pushing stereotypical ideology too far?



  1. Where can I get me one of those?

  2. Blackmarket!

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