Posted by: Rohan Bhargava | March 10, 2008

Yottabyte (not named after Yoda)

I bet you have not heard of the term yottabyte. It is a term I don’t think anyone in this planet will ever need to use for a LONG time. It is 2 to the power of 80(about 10 to the power of 24) bytes, or a million trillion megabytes. You probably have no idea how big this is. To make this easier for you to understand, it would take about 86 trillion years to download a 1- yottabyte file. The internet does not even have this much space( all the hard drives on this planet don’t have this much space)I thought this was very interesting and mind boggling.  



  1. I do not want to sound like a wide guy, but I have heard of yottabyte’ It is said that all of the world’s computers combined do not equal a yottabyte of storage.

  2. I to have come across the word in my scholarly activities. I dreame of being the first person in the world to create this!

  3. Lol, I would like to have a Yottabyte HDD… Imagen it.. bytes..

  4. I will buy a 100 yottabyte hdd in my next computer upgrade

  5. unlucky i ready made one last week with my grandad in his shed!

  6. Doesn’t really matter, because 1,073,741,824 GB = 1 exabyte. Couldn’t calculate how many GB equal 1 YB.. ouch.

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