Posted by: chemboy | March 8, 2008

Chemboy Wins Tennis Match With Glory


     I am a hard core tennis player. I mean really hard core. I play in tournaments across the tri-state area and go to professional tournaments as much as possible, but in my seven years of playing I have never been so pissed off at a player than I was today! I was playing a match and my opponent called all of the balls that were in out, and when I confronted him, he mouthed off maliciously! This really pushed my buttons. On the next point, I approached the net and set my self up perfectly for what was about to come. I hit a deep shot down the line and my opponent hit a high lob. Right into my trap like a rat goes for a piece of cheese! I got situated for an overhead smash…and bam, I nailed the kid right in the family jewels. Pride swelled in me like a bug bite swells with pus (sorry about that). I went on to win the match! It was opulent! I hope you enjoyed listening about someone getting hurt and my glorious victory!



  1. good job chemboy

  2. You win.

  3. Hmmmm…. you said you are a big fan of tennis? Well, a few minutes of tennis in wii sports is enough for me! Question: Why is it that woman’s tennis is so noisy? The women are always making loud noises every time they hit the ball( ugrahhhhh!!)

  4. Girls grunt because they get tired quicker. Manly men like me don’t get tired!

  5. You can start a new form of extreme tennis…I guess…

  6. fabulous. i’m truly happy that guy wasn’t me, and that i’m not a guy. =p
    plus, i don’t think you’d ever try to hit me, though i think you might’ve once or twice during butts up. =p

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