Posted by: optionshiftk | March 7, 2008

Terrestrial entertainment. (who needs it?)

     We all know that I have abandoned all forms of terrestrial entertainment right? Yes, it is true I no longer watch T.V. Instead, I like to watch online shows.  For example, I spend a huge chunk of my time listening to TWIt podcasts( see post). Shows like, this week in tech and macbreak weekely conquer much of my time; however, those are audio only shows! For video supplementation, I consume revision 3 shows. Revision 3 is the premire online video stndication network. The company was founded by Kevin Rose who also founded the website digg. Some of the shows include, System which is a geeky tech and gadget DIY type show. The flagship program of revision 3 is diggnation. This show has garnered up tons of attention and diehard fans. The star studded hosts are Kevin Rose and former tech tv host Alex albreicht. Togather, the duo analyze and discuss the most dugg articcles from digg dot com. I encourage you to check revision 3 out at There was recently an awesome episode of system that disguised building a robot for under $200 dollars. It is an extremely interesting episode. So, what are your views on T.V.? Have you abandoned the old tube as well? 


Watch episodes of System:

Watch diggnation:

Watch tekzilla

Check out revsion 3:

 Watch The totally rad show:

Bio of the beloved Kevin Rose:

Bio of funny man Alex Albrecht: 



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