Posted by: nybrave08 | March 5, 2008

Be Ready

Hello everyone, Nybrave08 here.

I just wanted to say that by Saturday I will have posted an excellent documentary on the anti-nuclear movement. I have made it myself. It is full of interviews with interesting people, analysis, and astoundingly rare footage.

This documentary is 100% real, and I have spent hundreds of hours of work on it, so please tune in. It is around ten minutes long, but worth the length.

Premiere date is set for March 8th, 2008. Be prepared to be amazed.



  1. do it after competition so no one can take idea


  3. 5…4….3…2…….

  4. and yes chemboy, i am posting it after the comptetion, and with poor video quality so it looks awful for any would-be downloaders.

  5. dnt screw the quality up whos gunna downlaod it to use it if the competitiions over it wont matter
    i want nice quality

    btw good luck Saturday and we got a game at 650 after ur competition

  6. NJbrave, please send me a copy or upload it yourself to vimeo for much better quality.

  7. Im am able to come on saturday…can you drive me with you?

  8. its sunday i was waiting intently what happened

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