Posted by: nybrave08 | March 4, 2008

The Game- You Just Lost


 He just lost

The Game

The Game is a worldwide and growing phenomenon, one that has only three rules.

1. You are now playing The Game. You cannot stop.

2. If you think about the game, you lose the game, and if you lose the game, you must say “I just lost the game” aloud.

3. After losing The Game, you have only 15 minutes to forget about it again. After that time is up, should you think about The Game again, you lose, and must start the process all over.

You cannot win the game, unless you die while in the grace period after loss.

You just lost the game.



  1. I am confused.. is the game a macrocosm for life? … or is it an actual game like W.oW?

  2. No, its just a game. In real life you just say you lost when you think of it. I can’t lose though. There is one way out. You look at a special image that frees your from the game. I won’t post the link, though.

  3. this game is retarted. I don’t know why any one would want to play it; it ruins your life.

    P.S. There is no special picture that frees you.

  4. i just lost

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