Posted by: truthsandconfessions1 | March 2, 2008

Welcome to the WONDERFUL World of Bollywood

The Indian Film Industry. It is said, more White people watch hindi movies than Indian people! haha. Personally, I love Indian Movies. One can rarely find an Indian movie without a few songs. In fact, Hindi movies of all genres are basically musicals. One minute, two men are in a horrible fight, and all of a sudden BAM. A musical number comes up and a man is chasing a woman in a random forest while serenading her. Ah, so cliche but so wonderful.

Indian movies range from epic war movies to comedy. Whichever you watch, one will always find a song. So pick up an Indian movie, or watch the one of many Hindi awards show.



  1. Does that sign really exist?

  2. no the sign doesn’t exist
    great post( even though I personally don’t like Bollywood movies)

  3. Yeah, the B is obviously edited in. Note the tiny white dots alomng the right edge of the letter. Hts left over from the H. But I’ve never seen a Bollywood move, I should check one out.

  4. Hey, what is the name of those two guys who are in practically every bollywood movie? One guy is old and the other is younger.

  5. sharukh khan – young
    amitabh bachan- old

  6. care to translate avisha

    i could right in another language too

    bollywood movies r ok like the randopm one we watched in mcgoldricks last year it was funny

  7. oh they were names

    srry avisha 🙂

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