Posted by: optionshiftk | February 29, 2008

billy joel


I would classify my self as a billy joel fanatic! My collection of his music is monumental. Now, one thing that rreally tics me off is the fact that people only know about the song “Piano man”! Why is this? Mr. Joel has many, many other hit song. When exploring an artist I have a unique strategy; I encapsulate myself with their musc. I live ther music, breathe their music. By the end of this tedious endevor, I truly appreciate the artist to the utmost degree, and know most( if not all) of ther songs. That is my strategy. What is yours? Please leave a comment on the way you fall in love( asexually) with an artist. Also how do you listen to music? I luckily have been blessed with very good listening equitment. This is problably why I am a self- proclaimed audiophile. In any event, music is a wonderful medium to express yourself. 

 B. Joel album I own:


My lives


Greates hits volumes I & II



Complete Hits Collection 1973-1997 


Billy joel biography( excellent)




  1. Billy Joel is so epic. My favorite song is “We Didn’t Start The Fire”, whihc is also pretty famous. Tickets for his concert are for sale, July 18th at Shea Stadium. I asked my parents to buy me tickets, but they said it was too much money and I don’t have the money myself.

  2. I was lucky enough to attend one of his concerts in 2006.

  3. You call yourself a lot of things huh…lol.

  4. I too am a Billy Joel fanatic. I listen to his entire body of music and likewise encapsulate myself. I believe he has a rare and unique ability to engage his audience to feel his emotions as if they stepped into his shoes. He puts so much of his heart and soul into his work that you feel as you know him personally. His work still stands the test of time. There is noone better!!

    Personally, he has a way about him that he is very down to earth and in touch with people that you can easily forget he is the Mega Icon and just want to hang out with him.

    Billy, you stole my heart and you definately have soul!!!

  5. Unlike you I don’t live an artists music. I usually hear music somewhere and if I like it I listen to it. I do not study the artist and listen to all their songs. On Billy Joel, I only know “Piano Man,” a beautiful song in my opinion. I would like to know all his other great songs

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