Posted by: Rohan Bhargava | February 27, 2008

What Really Happened to Youtube on Sunday

As most of you know Youtube had problems on Sunday. Amazingly, this was the Pakistanis fault. There was a Youtube video on a film that soon will be released made by a Dutch politician Geert Wilders. This man is known to be totally against the Islam religion. He claims his new film shows how the Quran incites people to murder. This is obviously not true information about the Quran. According to the Pakistan government this video was not only against Youtube policies but was also thought to have been a video that could have possibly caused riots in the country. So, the government told one of the largest telecommunications companies, PTCL, to block all internet connection to Youtube.  Unfortunately, there was an error with one of the PTCL’s routers and the “black holing” of Youtube spread across the globe.  Some people believe this blocking had another motive than stopping citizens from seeing this video. They say Musharraf doesn’t like how Youtube has numerous videos against him. In conclusion, this was a very interesting event that rarely happens. It is amazing how the Pakistan government ruined connection to one of the most popular websites in the world for a few hours.   



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