Posted by: nybrave08 | February 26, 2008

Book Review- Airman by Eoin Colfer

While I was skimming the shelves in my library for a book report book, I came across the newest hit of one of my favorite authors, Eion Colfer. The Airman is about a young boy named Conor, who lives on an island off of England that has declared itself an independent state. Conor is unique because he is not only exceptionally bright and talented, but also was born in a hot air balloon, with his eyes wide open and a neat head of blond hair. Because he is living in the late 1800’s, the race for manned flight is on, and Colin becomes enveloped in it at a very young age. All is going well with his life until he and his mentor are both plotted against by a mutinous government official, and Colin is suspected of treason. He needs to figure out a way to escape his prison, which he hopes is by air. This book was an amazing read, I recommend it to mostly guys (It can be brutal), so make sure you pick it up at your library as soon as you can!


PS: This is a sort of historical/science fiction, for those of you who think this may be a biography or something.



  1. Sounds cool.

  2. This is the kind of book that would be torturous for me to read. My likings to the sci-fi genera are very minimal. I am much better off reading classic literature or nonfiction. These books see m to have a stronghold on the “Teen” book industry. F.YI I really deeply despise books aimed at teens. I do not get it!!! Is this so the author can go easy writing the book….you know.. keep it simple? Well in any respect, I am a literature fanboy. You know amazing authors like Truman capote.

  3. I really like Colfer and his books and look forward to reading this book. I agree with biosbooter that I usually don’t like “Teen” books. Some of those books are really bad. I also agree with biosbooter that I find nonfiction much better. I just can’t stand unrealistic books.

  4. I luved, luved, luved this book! But I disagree with the part about it being mostly for guys. I mean, I’m, like, the girliest girl on the planet, and this has made it to the list of FAVORITE books!

  5. dis book not good. dis book giv me hed aik. i no liky book. dis is y i no reed.

  6. great book! lot’s of action, kinda funny, and amazing! this is not really sci-fi, though it has some science in hit. it’s a non-fiction book. i guess it might be a historical fiction because it’s set a long time ago 91800’S) DESERVES AN AWARD, AND SHOULD BE A MOVIE!

  7. it is great for children or for young teens

  8. Coolio-est book evuh! Iz soh aesum dat i cudnt stopz!

  9. This book is very good. Recommended to all people that like fantasies and sci-fi.

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