Posted by: chemboy | February 24, 2008

Star Wars: Recap

The girl in this video sums up Star Wars perfectly. I mean her detail is exceptional, and her memory of the movie is amazing! She could be the best movie critic I have ever seen! I’m seriously blown away by this. Watch out Ebert & Roper, you got competition! Check this video out and leave comments!



    That girl is a genius.

  2. amazing

  3. That’s great, I was just looking at that. I found it on Digg, is that how you found it?

  4. No on you tube. Check out our digg profile.(see link in digg)

  5. shes prob just reading a big posterboardd.. sorry to pop yer bubbless

  6. NO if she was reading, she wouldn’t know to look away from the card(3 year old, probably can’t even read!)

  7. Yea, i think it was honest, the rly smart ones talk like that at 3ish. I know that just from Seasame Street one kid read an exit sign from his stroller at like 1 and a half.

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