Posted by: epicwes | February 23, 2008

The iBand

Biosbooter, you’re going to love this. So today I was browsing YouTube as I usually do on lazy Saturdays like today. And I came across this little undiscovered jem. 3 guys get together and compose an awesome techno song, using two iPhones and a Nintendo DS and instruments. They plan on coming out with more music, so stay tuned to their channel. This has just slightly upped my respect for Apple itself. Also, if you own a Nintendo DS, I advise getting My Music DS (the game used in the video). I got it for only $20 (as opposed to the standard $35 of a DS game) and I love it.



  1. cool, but not great

  2. Just another example of the ” Apple lifestyle” . You do not buy a mac, you buy a ticket to ride. A windows box provides a vexing experience.

  3. Hey! Check this out. >>>>>>>>>>>

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