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Paul mcartney( a bit of a snob) Read the whole post please! I spent a lot o time on this extremely long over thought under thought idiotic and certainly oxymoronic sentence!-Biosbooter

          Well, I think we all know I am a fan of classic rock. Obviously,  I am also a fan of The Beatles. How could any sane being not be a fan of the ” Fab four”? Hmmm… well do not answer that. The bottom line is they changed the world.( much like this blog) It seems the haters preach incohesive ideals, but we must not argue. In the famous words of the beatles ” All ya’ need is love!” Looking back at the beatles now, I know have come to a realization; Paul Mccartney is a snob. What I mean by this is that he thinks he is the “Ultimate beatle”. In other words if it were not for him the beatles would have failed. He also seems to be heartless. His awesome music tells otherwise.( check out his new album” lMemory Almost Full (Double Disc Version)“) Here are fine examples of his narcissistic attitude: After the terrible murder of John Lennon, Paul Mccartney was asked by a few reporters of what he thought. His reaction was childlike and almost indifferent( see embedded video) Next, after the painful death of his long time wife Linda Mccartney in 1998, Mr. Mccartney married only a few years later I am no traditionalist, but come on! No one can genuinely recover from such a colossal loss. Before you conjure up an image of the former beatle, please do research. Go to youtube or wikipedia( shut up it is not all lies)                          Here is the video I referenced. This will give you a good idea of what I am trying to say.  



  1. I dont think we should be judging this man. For 42 years he has been treated like he IS better than others. And the media helped. No one thinks of Ringo as the ultimate other Beatle and I find that hard to accept. I love the 4 of them but I do believe Sir Paul does think hes the toppermost of the toppermost and he AND RINGO are. It is what we’ve made it to be.

    And it is very common for men to remarry within 2 years of their spouses death. Common. What he said about John was cold because in shock, people say dumb things like everyone who reads this and me!

    Only a pompous idiot would have shot John Lennon. I adore Paul McCartney, he is human and again no one should judge anyone until they have lived a life in his shoes. Linda and Paul were not so nice to John and Yoko then.

    Remember EVERYONE has a darkside and an EGO

  2. Paul was not the greatest man, he should have cared more about Lennon.

  3. Well, I agree with you madia.( do I know you personally?) It seems that ringo is always underestimated. Mr. star is a funny guy if you watch him i interviews. Another less prominent genius of the beatles is harrison. He wrote many hit songs for the Beatles( i.e. “Here comes the sun” and “Something”)

  4. Here is an excerpt from and interview Paul and Linda gave to Playboy magazine in 1984 follows. (Please note that there used to be an old joke about how people would claim that they only read Playboy magazine for the articles. Being a straight woman, I certainly don’t read Playboy unless I stumble across one of these articles on the Internet! But that doesn’t make their interview per se any less relevant):

    PLAYBOY: “Paul, it’s been nearly four years since John Lennon died and you haven’t really talked about your partnership and what his death meant to you. Can you talk about it now?”

    PAUL: “It’s… it’s just too difficult… I feel that if I said anything about John, I would have to sit here for five days and say it all. Or I don’t want to say anything.”

    LINDA: “I’m like that.”

    PAUL: “I know George and Ringo can’t really talk about it.”

    PLAYBOY: “How did you hear of John’s death? What was your first reaction?”

    PAUL: “My manager rang me early in the morning. Linda was taking the kids to school.”

    LINDA: “I had driven the kids to school and I’d just come back in. Paul’s face, ugh, it was horrible. Even now, when I think of it…”

    PAUL: “A bit grotty.”

    LINDA: “I knew something had happened…”

    PAUL: “It was just too crazy. We just said what everyone said; it was all blurred. It was the same as the Kennedy thing. The same horrific moment, you know. You couldn’t take it in. I can’t.”

    LINDA: “It put everybody in a daze for the rest of their life. It’ll never make sense.”

    PAUL: “I still haven’t taken it in. I don’t want to.”

    PLAYBOY: “Yet the only thing you were quoted as saying after John’s assassination was, ‘Well, it’s a drag.'”

    PAUL: “What happened was we heard the news that morning and, strangely enough, all of us… the three Beatles, friends of John’s… all of us reacted in the same way. Separately. Everyone just went to work that day. All of us. Nobody could stay home with that news. We all had to go to work and be with people we knew. Couldn’t bear it. We just had to keep going. So I went in and did a day’s work in a kind of shock. And as I was coming out of the studio later, there was a reporter, and as we were driving away, he just stuck the microphone in the window and shouted, ‘What do you think about John’s death?’ I had just finished a whole day in shock and I said, ‘It’s a drag.’ I meant drag in the heaviest sense of the word, you know: ‘It’s a–DRAG.’ But, you know, when you look at that in print, it says, ‘Yes, it’s a drag.’ Matter of fact.”

    PLAYBOY: “You tend to give a lot of flip answers to questions, don’t you?”

    PAUL: “I know what you mean. When my mum died, I said, ‘What are we going to do for money?'”

    LINDA: “She brought in extra money for the family.”

    PAUL: “And I’ve never forgiven myself for that. Really, deep down, you know, I never have quite forgiven myself for that. But that’s all I could say then. It’s like a lot of kids; when you tell them someone’s died, they laugh.”

    PLAYBOY: Because they can’t cope with the emotion?”

    PAUL: “Yes. Exactly.”

    LINDA: “With John’s thing, what could you say?”

    PAUL: “What could you say?”

    LINDA: “The pain is beyond words. You can never describe it, I don’t care how articulate you are.”

    PAUL: “We just went home. We just looked at all the news on the telly, and we sat there with all the kids, just crying all evening. Just couldn’t handle it, really.”

    LINDA: “To this day, we just cry on hearing John’s songs; you can’t help it. You just cry. There aren’t words… I’m going to cry now.”

    PLAYBOY: “Do you remember your last conversation with John?”

    PAUL: “Yes. That is a nice thing, a consoling factor for me,
    (continued below)…

    Here is a link to the full interview that Paul and Linda gave to Playboy in 1984:

    As to Heather Mills…well, Paul was, in retrospect, obviously blinded by his grief over losing Linda.

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