Posted by: rohanb7 | February 22, 2008


 (CELEBRITY NEWS NETWORK) I would first like to tell everyone this is my opinion and don’t get mad if you disagree with me. While looking at the CNN website I noticed there was a small bar on the top saying “Hot Topics.” Following that there was a link to “Election Center”, “Kosovo” , the “Academy Awards”, and then “Jennifer Lopez.” I got extremely  disgruntled by this. Why do people care about these celebrities so much that they next  to much more important matters. Why do people care if some actor had twins! I believe there are so many more important things than Jennifer Lopes having twins. The next president is being elected, a new country is being formed, people are dying, and all people care about is celebrities. My point is some people in America are spoiled and don’t understand that there are more important things going on that they should care about.



  1. Amen brother!

  2. I can not stand celebrities!!!!! What happened to the good old days of real celebrities like B. Dylan and The Beatles?

  3. and Jesus!

  4. I love the pun on CNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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