Posted by: chemboy | February 21, 2008

Future City: Results

It was a long tough road for the mini engineers to the Future City Nationals in D.C. Teams started with a special judging session on Monday. Fellow engineers(too…many….NERDS) judged them on their city’s infrastructure to it’s heating or cooling system(is it hot in here or what?) On Tuesday, there was presentation and model judging. This was a rigorous  session. And finally, the winning team was announced on Wednesday. Who won you ask? Are you ready for this? ARE YOU READY FOR THIS?!!! Ohio. But in the end the team that won the most was from New Jersey. They set a national record for receiving three special awards.(you’re jealous) And for every special award they gathered they got $100. $300 IN TOTAL!!!!(now you’re really jealous) Congrats to everyone and good luck in the future.(shout out to Philadelphia)



  1. Sucks our guys didn’t win at the nationals. Well, they made it to the regional. Also, in Workshop, Mrs. Shultz said not to touch the display last week. So I went and touched every single building 😛

  2. Thank you Wesley for touching my wonderful model. YOU JINXED US!!!

  3. at least you won some money

  4. At least I didn’t break anything. Except for that one part that was really important.

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