Posted by: optionshiftk | February 19, 2008

insomnia( a quick reflection)

      As you may have figured out, I have a touch of insomnia or some type of sleeping disorder. I tend to stay up very late working on posts like this one or just farting around on youtube. This presents a problem; when one is drowsy the mind wanders. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors arise. So,  my point is that if you see something a little funky( I hate the work funky. It sounds rotten. Speaking of rotten, check out rotten tomatoes for movie reviews.) it is because I am tired. Actually, you probably should have not wasted energy reading this half a**  post. If you wasted time reading this babble, please read the previous, more energized post. I am writing this post a 11:11 PM . Pretty late? Well, it can also be very early. 


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