Posted by: optionshiftk | February 19, 2008

infinite solutions( the biggest hoax on youtube)

I love youtube. My time is often spent trying to find great videos. Well I found a great channel. Mark Ericson’s infinite soulutions. At first, I thought ” Wow! this is great. A guy making instructional tech videos. Thne after reading a few comments and watching one of his other videos, I realized this guy is fake.   He pretends each of his tips are valid. From watching, it seems like a normal PBS like series, but he actually purposely misleads peole. Here are some examples; he makes up a thing called a”LPC” code claiming it will accelorate your mail delivery. If you search for it on google, it does not exist. Next, he does an episode on extending wi-fi range. Like a fool, he takes an ethernet cable and tells viewers to wrap it around their cell phones and then connect to their computer. Here is a great false quote he exploits” it is called electrical tape because it conducts electriciy”        Last time I checked, ruber is not conductive. Please watch the embeded videos to see his false help videos. Check out more false help at:



  1. Wow. That really was not a convincing video at all. He uses a large vocabulary and dresses up like a nerd to trick people. In that video, the phone isn’t even on and he doesn’t plug the other end into anything. It really pains me to see someone try and deceive the common man in such a manner.

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