Posted by: rohanb7 | February 19, 2008

America Votes on EVERYTHING

Recently, I have noticed that people in America vote too much. For example, I was watching the  2008 NBA Dunk Contest. First, they asked viewers to vote for the player who they thought won the contest. So, people voted to choose the winner. Then, the next day on the NBA website they had a poll asking,”Who would you have voted for in the Dunk Contest?” Didn’t they just ask that? I just don’t understand having that poll if they just had it the day before. Didn’t they just get the answer? The NBA also did that for the All-Star game MVP.(SEE BELOW)

Who would you have named the 2008 All-Star Game MVP?
Ray Allen, East
LeBron James, East
Chris Paul, West
Amare Stoudemire, West

Another great example of this are the primaries that are currently taking place. Citizens voting for their favorite candidate is fine in primaries. But, taking hundreds of polls to see what they will do in the “big” voting is crazy!My point is people vote 10 times for something they should vote for at most once.  In addition, people vote for too many useless things. You can’t leave any major site without seeing some sort of survey such as “Who do you think……” Its all demented. Voting on what you will or have voted on. Does that make any sense to you or am I just deranged. Maybe we should hold a vote on this!



  1. Here is the problem; People think they are to important. IN this day in age, it is so easy to broadcast yourself via internet. People think they are famous just because they have a blog( pnewb is world renowned as you all know) Remember this; you are only important to yourself.

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