Posted by: optionshiftk | February 17, 2008

ipod shuffcrap video

         Recently, I have been trying to put out a lot of high quality youtube videos. Well, I would like to report that I have accomplished my goal. I have videos edited and ready to go. All I have to do is upload them to youtube. Embeded in this post, is a video of me partially disassembling a ipod shuffle. Where the heck did I get an ipod shuffle? Well, I discovered it on a  sidewalk! It was a rainy, damp day. Suddenly, I saw a figure appear out of a brown, muddy puddle. Unsure of what I was grasping, I soon wiped the wet rectangle and discovered what I had found. Despite all efforts, I could not revive the early piece of ipod history.          



  1. wow-you were very lucky to find a ipod shuffle on the street. to bad it doesn’t work anymore

  2. if you need a working one you can have my old shuffle. I lost it for 3 years, then found it after getting a Zune. I don’t need it.

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