Posted by: optionshiftk | February 16, 2008


    Here is neat site that lists a boatload of oxymorons. If you do not know what a oxymoron is please click this link:    Now, for those of you intelligent people who know what an oxymoron is,  here is the link to the wonderful site:    Currently, the top oxymoron is ” Microsoft works” Do you get it? Well, I guess since I am a Mac fan it really hits home. Sorry NYbrave. There is no Apple oxymoron. Can you guess why? Thank you so very much for reading this fantastic overwhelmingly long and dragged out sentence!!



  1. i love oxymorons-they are great small jokes(get it)
    The best oxymoron is Microsoft Works-it makes no sense

  2. I love the MS works joke.

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