Posted by: optionshiftk | February 15, 2008

praise for ” the world + politics according to avisha*”

I am a self- proclaimed critic. My demanding and high standards let me see things in a radical and insightful manner. Let me tell you, if I see something that does not meet my standerds, I will critisize it in the most brutal way. I do not only care about content, but also about aesthetics. Aestetics are one of my biggest pet peves. With all of that said, I would like to honor ” the world + politics according to avisha*” as the page of the month. Her page really personifies what my goal is; aesthetically pleasing design, with awesome multimedia rich content. We should all give a big kudos to her page. Pnewb is truly honored to have such a talented, committed writer/thinker on our team.You’ll find Avisha’s page at the top of your screen, for those of you who want a link. or click here:



  1. what about half logical sports cubicle?

  2. And what about the microsoft corner?

  3. (place filler here)

  4. whoever posted the picture in my article thank you, but I made one of my own. Thanks anyway I truly appreciate it. Oh, and if you want the award you must go above and beyond my expectations.

  5. That was me, I knew something was wrong, and decided just to throw something in there to get rid of that awful “no picture’ look. Love the new picture by the way.

  6. thank you thank you =] i am extremely honored =]
    this is ten times better than oscars or emmys =]
    i am available for interviews + autographs=]

  7. Don’t push it! lol.

  8. hahaha

  9. ill beat you all next time

  10. i would like to inform all you other writers, that my posts and pages have received the MOST hits today- that should mean the praises should be given to me

  11. Linking the actual page might be helpful if you actually want to generate traffic for it………

  12. ^^^^^^^ IN the post I mean….BTW

  13. who the heck is woot?

  14. not sure, but we are generating web traffic now, what can you expect?

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