Posted by: optionshiftk | February 13, 2008

Awesome song( read below)

We all love music. My genre of choice happens to be classic rock.( all other is over pasteurized garbage) With my insanely great macbook, I can compose music and produce rich podcasts using a nifty little app( actually it is quite a large app almost 200 MB) called garageband. To avoid a monotonous dialogue, I will not explain in any more detail about garageband. Remember, Wikipedia and google are the solution to all of your problems, but to rule out the risk of carpal tunnel, I will post links in the show notes.( see very end of post)   Well, I was messing around with  garageband and composed a great song. It took me about 30-36 mins. It was a mindless process. Basically, anything thrown together in garageband will sound epic. Think of it like a soup or stew. Just dump stuff in and hope for the best( sorry, no saltines with garageband soup) Please listen to the whole song. It is very brief. I really need feedback on it. Please, please leave a comment. If you are at a loss of words, please share your experience. “Get your links!” Your hot juicy links”  Garageband links:     



  1. great music
    clearly amazing

  2. Very upbeat

  3. Nice use of base!

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