Posted by: optionshiftk | February 9, 2008

The education system( not my cup of tea)

   Let me first say I think of allot of quotes. I guess you can call me einstein. Here is the scnerio: It was late on night and I was using my gorgeus macbook running OSx leopard. Well, I got in an engaging converstion with a buddy of mine. We were discussing how bloated and wrinkled the education system has become. I am very passionate about my views on the education system. here is a great diologe of the conversation( The screenames and names have been altered to protect the privacy of others.):

well, it doesnt reallly matter if ur in or not


its not like any college will see that later on


it is ultimately just for prestige



and for the school to look good in competitions


exactly! the school uses the students. They are scrutinized if there students do poorly( cut in funding as a consequence)

if thomas, u, me, and vladimir did a project together in workshop it would have been amazing


their crazy


our education system has truly cannibalized itself into a egotistic monarchy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



       A bit later:

I truly hate the way the education system operates. The ones leading it are dormant elders who follow the buddy system tradition. They suffocate creativity and make average idiots out of everyone. And for those who do not follow this ritual, well they are treated as brainless baboons and get put in remedial courses!

the no child left behind act was terrible


anonymous in my opinion

they were just trting to make the dumb people smarter


thier spending more money on the hopeless people than the smart people who will actually do something


thats why US doesnt have the smartest kids



  1. i totally agree

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