Posted by: nybrave08 | February 9, 2008

Microsoft’s Epic Acquisition of Yahoo!

We all know that Yahoo is a dead search engine. Google is far superior, no question about it. This failure, however, allows the richest company in the world, Microsoft, to attempt to revive it. So far, Microsoft is offering a 44billion dollar bid to merge with the internet tycoon. If the two superpowers of the world merge, who knows what will happen. We may even see an equal of google! (Not likely, but hopefully). I also think that Microsoft will release versions of software like google produces (sketchup, ect.) and hopfully a filter just for tech help. Yahoo says that it is considering the offer, and google has called the whole fiasco “troubling”.




  1. Microsoft’s Epic Acquisition of Yahoo!

    Interesting point at

  2. Everything MS touches turns to crap!

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